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INDICTED wax pack


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19 card set of the Fulton County Mug Shots, in classic wax pack style.

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Introducing “INDICTED”: A Historical Political Card Set of Distinction!

Step into the world of political history with “INDICTED” – an extraordinary Wax Pack trading card set tailored for the discerning collector. Immerse yourself in a historical moment as each pack unveils 19 full color cards, each representing one of the indicted co-conspirators in Fulton County, Georgia.

Each card is a full color mugshot, while the back features a brief description of each conspirator.

The base set has a blue border on the front.  A full set of variants with red border fronts was also printed.  2/3rds of the cards have the blue border, 1/3 the red border.

Each pack will contain a full set of the 19 different defendant cards, each randomly either the red border or blue border version.

Print run:  900 packs produced.

Delve into the Chronicles:
“INDICTED” presents an exclusive opportunity to hold in your hands the faces and stories of the 19 individuals who played intricate roles in the Fulton County case. Every card offers a glimpse into the complex tapestry of events, making it a must-have for both history enthusiasts and political collectors.  With each pack of “INDICTED,” you hold an entire chapter of history at your fingertips. This collection isn’t just cards; it’s a tangible connection to a significant moment that resonates with political aficionados.

Worldwide Shipping:
FREE shipping to all destinations within the United States. The anticipation of adding this historical gem to your collection comes with no extra cost.

Timeless Value, Accessible Luxury:
“INDICTED” caters to your passion for political history while respecting your budget. Priced at only $25 per pack, this collection represents a unique blend of historical significance and affordable indulgence. Each pack is a prized possession for any collector.

An Exceptional Gift:
For those who value the depth of historical moments, “INDICTED” is an impeccable gift choice. The richness of the collection and the stories it holds make it a cherished present for political enthusiasts, history scholars, and anyone intrigued by the intricate dance of power and consequence.

Don’t miss out on securing your piece of political history. “INDICTED” invites you to become a custodian of a significant era, bringing you face-to-face with the individuals who shaped it. For $25 per pack, you can hold the event in your hands. Enjoy FREE shipping to U.S. destinations – a gesture that mirrors our commitment to preserving history.

Own a Piece of the Past – Order “INDICTED” Now!  Discount for multiple pack orders.

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