© John Detrich and Stephen Blickenstaff


Created by artists John Detrich and Stephen Blickenstaff, The Funny Fiends are a loving homage to classic monster sticker cards from the ’60s and ’70s like “Ugly Stickers,” “Odd Rods,” and the “Nutty Initials.”

These retro sticker cards will feature 100 ALL-NEW MONSTER MONIKERS! These are not reprints, reproductions, or imports. John Detrich and Stephen Blickenstaff have spent the past two years hand painting 100 all new characters! Stunning new highly detailed art packaged in true vintage style!

© John Detrich and Stephen Blickenstaff

Each “hobby box” will include 24 vintage style hand-folded and heat-sealed wax wrapped packs (number of stickers per pack to be determined, but a minimum of 6). The cards, packs, and boxes are printed, packaged, and assembled entirely in the USA, and are designed to replicate the look and feel of classic monster sticker cards. SideKick specializes in high quality printing techniques, and careful curation of materials to give every product a lasting, loving touch.

SideKick has produced some samples and prototypes already. The stickers, wrappers, boxes, and pack designs are all nearly completed and will be ready for pre-press by April. We just need YOUR help to raise the necessary funding to complete the work and go to the printers!

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